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Center of Excellence in Organizational Management Systems


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Environmental and Sustainability Management Systems
An environmental and sustainability management system is a set of management processes and procedures that allows an organization to analyze, control and reduce the environmental impact of its activities, products and services, and operate with a greater efficiency and control.

Quality Management Systems
A quality management system is a set of management processes and procedures developed and implemented to allow an organization to plan, perform, control, measure, analyze and improve its activities, products and services effectively and efficiently.

Center of Excellence in Education Leadership


School Leaders Institute
The School Leaders Institute is a comprehensive, in-residence, high-quality professional development experience designed to prepare the next generation of educational leaders. The institute offers two different programs: the Recently Appointed Administrators Program and the Aspiring Superintendents Program. Participants in both programs engage in multiple, hands-on activities structured to hone and expand existing skills and to sharpen decision-making ability. Program participants are encouraged and expected to discuss, share, question, reflect and apply what they are learning in their day-to-day work. Session topics and related small group activities challenge each participant to synthesize information and create connections to bridge gaps between theory and practice.

Center of Excellence in Healthcare Leadership

Healthcare Coaching Institute
The healthcare and life sciences sectors are undergoing a remarkable transformation. Driven by changes in technology, regulation and discover, these industries are facing unprecedented opportunities – and challenges. Making the most of this dynamic new reality requires leaders who can perform at an optimum level as they guide their organizations to new possibilities.  There is a need for leaders who can foster a human-centric approach to developing “human resources” within these sectors. The Healthcare Coaching Institute can help you become the type of leadership coach who can make that type of leadership possible. 

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